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Citrix Defines SD-WAN for the Cloud

As cloud adoption increases, a shift from traditional WAN architectures is needed to simplify cloud connectivity and address network demands. Citrix SD-WAN provides a direct yet secure and reliable way to route enterprise traffic
over the Internet to cloud and SaaS apps.

Why Citrix SD-WAN for your digital transformation

Discover how Citrix SD-WAN delivers secure, always-on cloud connectivity that enhances the user experience while simultaneously lowering WAN costs.

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Customers Save Time and Money with Citrix SD-WAN

Citrix SD-WAN allows us to have a single managed platform to manage our bandwidth as we move more services to the cloud.

— IT Director, Large Enterprise Construction Company



CDW: A Networking Partner That Gets IT

The traditional network is changing. To keep pace with rapid digital transformation, you need a scalable, flexible network. Get the support and services you need to make it a smooth transition, with CDW experts available for network modernization, infrastructure, cloud compatibility and wireless networking services.

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Call and request to speak with a CDW network management expert today.