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Simplify shopkeeping with HP point of sale systems.

Complete your retail space with HP point of sale systems powered by the Intel Core i5 processor.    

Expect Versatility, Modern Design and Security

Discover how point of sale (POS) technology can be used throughout your store while adding beautiful, modern design and high-level information security.    


To embrace the future of retail, operators should invest in devices that have the aesthetics, versatility and security necessary to keep business competitive.

White Paper: The Retail Revolution (PDF)

The Retail Revolution

The popularity of online shopping does not show any signs of slowing down. Consumers are utilizing technology to buy almost everything. For brick-and-mortar stores to compete, they must leverage technology as a key to their growth and success. Investing in the right POS technology can keep retail spaces current and competitive.

When choosing a POS system, there are three priorities to consider: versatility, aesthetics and the security capabilities of your technology. For example, interactive touchscreens and tablets can be used throughout your store to enhance the shopper experience while adding an element of modern design.

POS technology adds functionality and beauty without sacrificing security. With multilayer security and authentication, you can protect customer and company data.

Report: The Future of Retail (PDF) 

HP Engage POS Systems Powered by the Intel Core i5 Processor

The HP Engage Go (PDF) has the versatility, beautiful aesthetics and high-quality security to meet your point of sale requirements. Powered by the Intel Core i5 processor, this POS system provides information and insights relevant to a consumer’s shopping experience such as product options, inventory and pricing. Featuring a convertible design, the HP Engage Go can move from a fixed point of sale system to a mobile tablet that provides customer service anywhere in your store.

White Paper: Stand Out or Blend in with HP Engage One (PDF)

Prioritizing Security

Having access to customer data is an important responsibility that carries security risks. Customers trust that their information is kept secure and confidential. Since POS systems manage sensitive information in public spaces, data security is vital. HP Engage products prioritize data protection by having advanced security features built into its systems.    

White Paper: Keep POS Data Safe on All Sides (PDF)

HP Solutions and CDW


CDW will collaborate with HP and Intel to present the right POS technology options that will best fit your business needs.    


CDW offers dedicated support and can answer your questions before and after your purchase regarding HP POS systems powered by Intel processors.    

Maximize Value & Minimize Cost

The partnership between CDW, HP and Intel deliver efficient POS solutions that maximize value while minimizing cost.    

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For more advice, contact your dedicated account manager.