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About Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG)

Lenovo delivers IT systems, solutions and services to meet the goals of your customers. Its new ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile systems reduce cost, improve operational efficiency, simplify deployments and protect data. 

Servers: Brand New Architecture 

Lenovo servers are designed for future-defined data centers and built to maximize scalability, flexibility and cloud compatibility.

ThinkSystem Servers

DM/DE Series Storage Solutions: Scale Storage Seamlessly

Lenovo enterprise class all-flash and hybrid storage solutions accelerate access to your data while empowering you to scale seamlessly from data center to cloud — all while keeping your data secure.

ThinkSystem DM and DE Series Storage Solutions

What Hyperconverged Solution Is Right For You?

Get next-gen IT for software-defined infrastructure with the ease and speed of public cloud and the control of on-premises IT.

Lenovo ThinkAgile Family Infographic

Edge IOT

Achieve powerful computing and edge capabilties for your small, mid- or enterprise-grade organization.

HC3 Edge Solution

Improve and future-proof IT services today with new edge-based applications through hyperconverged technology.