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About Lifesize

Lifesize combines best-in-class, cloud-based services with integrated equipment for the latest in videoconferencing. Lifesize's full suite of integrations and business sets a new standard for workplace communication and productivity.

Lifesize Connects People

Introducing the Lifesize Icon 700

See how video communication is more than just a meeting tool with the new Icon 700.

Lifesize Solutions

Outfit your meeting rooms with Lifesize's leading audio and videoconferencing devices.

Conference Room Systems

Lifesize's professional line of audio and videoconferencing equipment is engineered to give you an amazing meeting experience. Setup is plug and play, controls are intuitive and the user experience is unmatched.

Make Any Space Meeting-Friendly

Watch how simple it is to set up the Lifesize Icon 450.

The Lifesize App

Streamline all the ways your team communicates, from one-on-one audio and video calls to full-scale company meetings among multiple locations.

Introducing the Lifesize App

Access video, audio and web conferencing, plus the ability to record and share meetings.

Lifesize Case Studies

See just a few of the ways Lifesize's collaboration solutions have been put into action.

The Right Path with Lifesize

Learn how Lifesize helped Return Path stay connected across its 13 offices worldwide.

Working Smarter with Lifesize

Learn why this IT manager chose Lifesize as his videoconferencing solution for Doster Construction.

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