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CDW Managed Services let you focus on growth, not maintenance.

Trusted Managed Services for Your IT Infrastructure

The technology that supports your organization needs support of its own. And the more time your team spends keeping things running, the less time they have to move your organization forward.

At CDW, we can help you manage your most complex infrastructure and applications with holistic, secure solutions. We can tailor our services to your goals and identify the service level that meets your needs and budget. And with our experts focused on orchestration, your IT staff will have time to pursue initiatives that can give your organization an edge.

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See how CDW can design, orchestrate and manage technology services that put innovation to work to solve your unique challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.


CDW Managed Services in Action



Connectivity, Colocation and Managed Cloud Services

To reduce the burden on your staff and ensure business continuity, CDW leverages data centers that are cross connected to high-performing cloud solutions. These data center ecosystems are privately networked via Low Latency Transport to provide the performance and security your business requires. CDW wraps these world-class assets in our managed services to deliver a seamless experience through two Enterprise Command Centers.

Managed Services Customer Stories

We felt the need for data center agility and scalability for growth. Expanding our cloud use would also simultaneously help control costs.

Gary Flowers, ZeroChaos CIO

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To achieve TaylorMade’s vision of a scalable DR environment, we needed to look beyond colocation, so we focused on DR as a Service and cloud services.

Brent Strombom, CDW Cloud Specialist

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Why CDW for Managed Services


Call us at 800.800.4239 to learn more about CDW Managed Services.