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Intellectual property and digital work products are a staple in this digital age. All that information is stored on a computer or network somewhere. But what happens to it when something happens to the computer? CDW has you covered with backup agents, backup software and data archive software from today's trusted brands, such as Arcserve, Symantec, Barracuda and more. 

An agent-based backup system allows you to rely less on network resources and instead get increased control of and visibility into your host system. Backup software is simple and offers flexibility to make it conform to your standards. Data archive software is perfect for organizations prone to audits and needing to effortlessly store older data files.

A backup plan, whether software or an agent-based system, is needed for your computers because technology isn't foolproof and doesn't last forever. Periodic backups will help to save more recent versions of your files when the power goes out and causes hardware failure. Don't let all your hard work go to waste.

CDW works with trusted partners to offer the best deals on backup and archive products. Don't be afraid to ask software licensing questions.  

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Speak with a CDW software expert for additional assistance.