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Epson PowerLite 1780W - 3LCD projector - portable - Wi-Fi

Mfg.Part: V11H795020 | CDW Part: 4422935 | UNSPSC: 45111614
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Epson PowerLite 1780W - 3LCD projector - portable - Wi-Fi
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Product Overview

Main Features
  • 3LCD projector
  • portable
  • 3000 lumens (white)
  • 3000 lumens (color)
  • WXGA (1280 x 800)
  • 16:10
  • 720p
  • Wi-Fi
  • with 2 years Epson Road Service Program
  • Epson Brighter Futures Education Program
Achieve brilliant presentations wherever business takes you with the ultra slim PowerLite 1780W wireless widescreen projector. This thin 4 lb model delivers 3,000 lumens of color brightness and 3,000 lumens of white brightness plus WXGA resolution - ideal for HD-quality content. Offering 3x Higher Color Brightness than competitive models, Epson 3LCD projectors ensure vivid presentations. Featuring the latest in connectivity, this projector makes it easy to wirelessly share content from your tablet or smartphone. Or, share HD videos using your streaming device. The 1780W supports Chromecast, Roku and MHL-enabled devices. And, it offers fast wireless setup with its on-screen QR code.
Epson PowerLite 1780W - 3LCD projector - portable - Wi-Fi is rated4.75 out of5 by12.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great unit for business speakers/presenters alike!This is a review for the Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. As part of my job, I have the privilege to speak and present in front of several groups of people. As such, having a projector is something of a necessity. Weighing in close to 4 pounds, the 1780W is very lightweight for the quality the project espouses. Features I look for in a projector are adjustment capabilities, clarity of projection, and inputs. This model does not disappoint on the first two by any means, and the inputs will please most users. With vertical and horizontal adjustment easily accessible and clearly defined, even the most novice user will be quickly up in no time. The crispness of the picture was actually impressive for the size of the unit and the price point it is set at. Physical inputs allow most users to utilize as most will connect with HDMI or VGA. There is no DisplayPort input, but with options to connect wirelessly or with a mobile device, lacking physical connections are quickly becoming less of an obstacle.The 1780W comes with a padded carrying case that feels as though it will protect it well, though obviously not from any serious impacts/drops. There are divisions and recessed pockets to hold all peripherals and cables next to the projector, but if one is looking for more space or protection, I would recommend purchasing a 3rd party bag/carrying case.This unit comes with a healthy IR-based remote control equipped with several functions that would otherwise be somewhat difficult to figure out, included the ability to freeze the projection and zoom the picture. Somewhat disappointing is the lack of a laser pointer found in other remotes, though if I am being honest, a pointer is likely already in a speaker’s inventory, so the omission isn’t a deal breaker for me. Lastly, I would like to briefly touch on the sound quality of the projector. If you are looking to use the internal speaker of a projector and have it fill a small room, you may wish to look elsewhere. The sound is fairly low, even at maximum. Couple that with the sound of the fan when it runs on high, and you may find it difficult to hear if you are not positioned near the unit. This is one area that definitely does not bother me as I prefer to use external speaker sources so that all can here, however, I realize that my needs may be entirely different from several others.All things considered, I am very impressed with the build quality of the unit, the unique features, and the clarity of the projection in several lighting situations. I do highly recommend the purchase of the 1780W and feel that Epson really hit the mark with this projector.
Date published: 2018-05-23T00:00:00-04:00
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Ideal size, weight, clarity. Fit my needs perfectly,This is a review for the Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. I didn’t know what to expect after using my previous, bulky, clunky, heavy projector but this one worked like a charm. It’s lightweight yet sturdy so it’s perfect for me. It weighs around 4 lbs & the projection quality & clarity is excellent. I’m a consultant and travel every day to meetings & at least 3 times a month by plane so it was a pleasure to travel and use this projector. The carrying case is adequately padded so I’m sure it should travel fairly well when I fly. The The clarity was fine on both my screen for work and on my wall when I tested it at home. After my work presentation a colleague noticed the difference & commented to me that the clarity was much better than my older one. It’s ideal that it’s wireless & you can project from your tablet, phone or laptop. I had no trouble with either mode. Really delighted with this projector & I highly recommend it.
Date published: 2018-05-24T00:00:00-04:00
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Perfect Portable Projector!This is a review for the Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. Forget those old bulky projectors. The Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector is lightweight, sleek and easy to use with a great, vibrant picture. The set up and connectivity was easy and straight forward with the Epson app. I have been using it both at my home for movies and my office for presentations and I have been really pleased. What I especially noticed are the impressive colors and sharp images. and I love the fact that it is slim, portable, wireless and so travel friendly. The fan was just a little noisy, but certainly not enough to be bothersome. And you can project from your laptop, table or phone without plugging into the projector, so you can roam easily and at your convenience. And even in darker images, the brightness was not compromised and the images and text were always clear at any distance. Also included was a carrying case, all the necessary cables and remote. All in all, another great product from Epson that I would highly recommend.
Date published: 2018-05-23T00:00:00-04:00
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Quick & Easy Set up and shows very clear!This is a review for the Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. This projector came packaged very well, came with a very nice carrying bag and has a sleek, clean design. The install of the Epson iprojection app was extremely easy and I was able to connect wirelessly from a mobile device with very little effort. One thing I disliked initially was having to access the manual online (if it were needed). Luckily, I did not need the manual and there is a number for telephone support should one need help. Once the iProjection app installed on my phone, I was able to pull up documents from my phone files and the files showed clearly and effortlessly via the projector. Adjusting the view was easy as pie. I was also able to pull up the gallery of pictures on my phone and was able to view them on screen via projector. Other things I noticed was that the top of the projector gets very hot and the projector runs constantly and can be distracting. An advantage to this is that you don’t need to wait for it to cool off prior to turning it off – just unplug it.This projector works well with Word & PowerPoint. I was able to create a PowerPoint presentation and was able to view it successfully via the projector; able to advance slides with the remote but couldn’t figure out how initially - to find the pointer on the remote. You have to hit the pointer button, and then use the arrow over, up and down buttons to move the arrow. Would love to see the pointer feature be more of a lazer like feature. I was unable to connect to the internet when the projector is connected to my mobile device however when it is connected, you can display anything that is located on the phone but cannot connect to dropbox, Netflix, Bible app, Banking apps, You Tube, etc.. I discovered the hard way that going to the internet will end your screen view from the phone.If movies are downloaded to the device, you can also view movies via the projector. Sound comes from the device, not the projector. Overall, this Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector is a must-have for anyone who does presentations or wants to use it for special presentations.
Date published: 2018-05-21T00:00:00-04:00
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love this little masterThis is a review for the Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.I am an avid user of projector since working in a sales team, I usually travel across the country and outside of US to work with clients and I use projector a lot to present it to the client. Awesome for a traveling salesman as myself. The size and weight are perfect. I can put both my laptop and this projector in my small laptop bag. It is bright and clear and easy to use. Also I use this projector to watch movies at family night out in my backyard. I was able to stream video and audio from my laptop over the projector's LAN, in "Quick" mode. I've no need to set up multiple computers in Advanced mode. I downloaded the wifi app to my iPhone, and can show limited content--still photos, PowerPoint/Keynote presentations. However, the wired connection with a VGA adaptor is better. That shows the phone or iPad screen directly, in portrait or landscape. The projected image is very clear in daylight.The WiFi capability enables wireless peer to peer or internet enabled connect with another internet enabled device for live demos. Fan is little bit noisy, but you can ignore that sound.
Date published: 2018-05-21T00:00:00-04:00
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent for PresentationsThis is a review for the Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review.In the box it came well packaged, no damage and inside was a VGA cord, a USB cord, a power cord, a remote control with batteries, and a carrying case. The unit’s size is excellent, as it is about the size of a folded laptop, and about the same weight as well. Its bag appears like a laptop carrying case, and I was able to fit my laptop into the bag with the projector together. When I removed it from the box, I plugged in the power cord, then my chromecast into the back. It immediately identified the source automatically, and began playing the chromecast picture and sound. I was very surprised by the high quality of image that it produced, I was also impressed by the brightness of the picture, as I was expecting a more difficult time viewing the picture because it was day time, I was in a room with open windows, and it was projecting to a wall that wasn’t white, not a screen. The sound from the internal speaker was less than stellar and if one is seeking a greater quality of sound, I would recommend an external source. I did think the automatic trapezoidal adjustment was really cool: if the projector is not lined up straight up and down, it seems to detect the angle and automatically adjust the picture, so all the picture angles are right angles. Left and right does not appear to be automatic, but the adjustment was very simple.Playing with the different features of this device was confusing at first, but once things were set up, it was pretty straight forward. I think the setup difficulties are a one time effort that needs a few extra minutes until you are familiar. I was able to easily install the app on my phone, and the Windows 10 program on my computer. The app allowed me to use my phone as a remote, and it allowed me to directly project things from my phone including photos, web pages, PDF documents, and the camera viewer. I would have liked a screen mirroring feature from my phone, but that was only capable in the PC program. The PC program was also pretty intuitive and I liked that it let me directly project my screen wirelessly without attaching any cables, and only having to initialize the setup once. I would have liked if I could have figured out how to also send sound. I’m not sure if it is capable of receiving sound wirelessly; however, there is a sound input jack on the projector.The remote control came with a good amount of function including source search, the full menu controls, A/V mute, freeze screen, and even an E-zoom, which allows you to zoom the picture. It even has a pointer feature that pops an arrow up on the screen. However, I feel an actual laser pointer in the remote may be more useful. The remote allowed control of just about every function I could identify that was found on the projector. In addition to the laser pointer, if i were designing the remote, I would have made it a RF remote instead of IR, because I like to move all around when I give presentations. Although I do feel IR is pretty well accepted as an industry standard.I also really liked the split feature which allows you to show more than one source at a time. It appears that the software will allow you to cast to the projector from more than one mobile device at once, but since I only have one phone, I was unable to test this. I was unable to project from my computer and phone at the sametime. I was able to split multiple video sources though.I really liked this projector and thought it had more of a business undertone than entertainment. Traveling with it is easy, setting it up for presentations is easy, and using associated applications for presentations is easy. The big entertainment disadvantage was in the sound quality and volume, and the applications lacked some of the features that I would want if I were using it for entertainment such as streaming and screen mirror; however, I think all the presentation features were covered very well.
Date published: 2018-05-23T00:00:00-04:00
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Crazy good“This is a review for the Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review." I work in finance and I am always giving presentations. This has been a lifesaver! I can take it with me to client meetings without a hassle. It's super lightweight and durable. Not problems putting it in my briefcase and taking it with me for presentations on client sites. Super convenient!! And the performance is great too. Colors are clear and process speed is super fast. Love it! Definitely worth the price!!
Date published: 2018-05-23T00:00:00-04:00
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great data projector for the modern road warrior.This is a review for the Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. If you are looking for a bright, portable projector for business use, look no further. The 1780W is very bright, and is quite visible even in boardroom environments. Colors are rich and vibrant, with deep blacks and crisp whites. The projector is light and made for travel. It comes with a black, lightweight canvas zip-top messenger briefcase, with a couple of front pockets for connectors, and an inside partition for cables. The case isn't padded or armored, so tossing it up on the scanner at the airport is not recommended. Also in the box are a power cable, a USB cable, a VGA cable, a remote with batteries, user manual and software CDs, and finally a quick setup sheet, and registration card.The projector itself is lightweight (just about 4 pounds), and has a thin profile (right around 2 inches). The resolution is good for a data projector (1280x800), but don't mistake the 1780W for a heavy-lifting projector for 4K movies in your backyard-this is definitely for business "road warrior" use. Connecting to the 1780W is easy, with both wired and wireless options. It has HDMI, RCA and VGA inputs, as well as USB thumb drive support. Wireless connectivity is available via Wi-Fi, NFC, and iOS and Android apps. It was very nice to walk into a conference room, and start my presentation without having to fumble with multiple cords and toggling screen settings. One negative is the built-in speaker. It is very soft-I would not recommend relying on it for your presentations. The 1780W is a great business projector, with exceptional brightness, good resolution, and nice connection options packed into a slim, lightweight chassis.
Date published: 2018-05-21T00:00:00-04:00
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Excellent projector with awesome wireless featuresThis is a review for the Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. That said, my review is based on my user experience with the projector, not the price paid.I found the projector very easy to setup and use and the image quality was great. The brightness of the picture was quite impressive. I tested the projector in a room with a full wall of windows and full daylight and found the brightness of the image more than adequate.The wireless features of the projector were also quite nice and very easy to setup. The projector creates it's own wifi network and allows you to connect your phone or laptop wirelessly. When using a phone for example (iPhone in my case), I simply had to download the Epson iProjection app, point my phone at the barcode image projected and the connection was made. Once connected, you can display photos, videos, websites and documents directly from your phone. The connection was responsive and it even responds to the orientation of your device, switching between landscape and portrait as you turn your device.The projector comes with a slim case that is well padded and has a place to store cables and the included remote.Overall, I was very impressed with the feature set of the projector and the image quality. I was particularly impressed with the wireless capabilities. I would not hesitate to recommend this projector to someone looking for a high quality portable projector.
Date published: 2018-05-24T00:00:00-04:00
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Lightweight, compact, picture clarity, wireless projector“This is a review for the Epson Powerlite 1780W Projector that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review." As a consultant, author, presenter, and educator I use a projector multiple times a week. The Epson Powerlite 1780W is a huge difference from my old, big, bulky projector. I was pleasantly surprised with the size and weight of this projector. It comes in around 4 pounds. The sleek design and trendy white color make it attractive to use. Some of the features that I like with this projector is the ability to adjust vertically or horizontally. The color and picture are unbelievably clear. The ease of set up was also a great feature. I was up and going in just a short time. It took me around 10 minutes to become familiar with the projector and hook it up. The best feature that sets this apart from others is the fact that you can connect wirelessly AND from your tablet, computer or phone! The padded case that is included, is also a great added benefit. It is very sleek, small and has just the right amount of pockets to hold all the cables, remote, and unit itself. Other reviewers mentioned the sound quality, however, I did not have an issue with the sound. I did not think the fan was noticeable either. All in all, I am very happy with this projector. The color and clarity of the picture being projected was a plus. The compact and lightweight feature was a bonus. The wireless connectivity was the icing on the cake! That sold me!
Date published: 2018-05-23T00:00:00-04:00

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