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About 3M

For decades, 3M has been applying science and technology to deliver workspace, visual privacy and protection products. 3M remains a trusted brand today — continuing to improve its technology, features and breadth of product.

3M Privacy Filter Demo

Learn how 3M's microlouver technology helps protect the sensitive data on your screen from visual hackers on either side of you.

Best-Selling 3M Privacy Products for Monitors

Help keep side views of visual hackers in the dark while you get incredible high-resolution clarity on your display. Choose from a variety of privacy filter options that help protect your data. 

Best-Selling 3M Privacy Products for Laptops

You see your screen with crisp image clarity while prying eyes beside you only see a black or gold screen. 3M offers a variety of privacy filters to fit your device needs and personal style. 

Best-Selling 3M Workspace Solutions Products

Whether your workspace is open, private, spacious or confined, 3M workspace solutions are designed to fit where you work.  

3M Resources

Choose Your Filter Size

Learn how to choose the right 3M privacy filter size for your screen.

The Middle Seat

3M privacy filters help keep visual hackers in the dark.

3M Precision Standing Desk

Enjoy continuous height adjustment to move smoothly between sitting and standing positions.


A trusted global leader in visual privacy and screen protection, brought to you by CDW•G.